RECON is a coral reef monitoring program that trains divers to observe and record information about current conditions at selected coral reefs throughout the Caribbean.  For more information on RECON click the photo

Our financial and in-kind contributors include The Albert E. and Birdie W. Einstein Fund, The Raymond Foundation and the Village of Islamorada.  For a complete list of contributors and to learn how you can become a SEA Inc. contributor click the photo  

Our partners include The Ocean Conservancy, REEF and MRDF. For more information and a complete list of partners click the photo 

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SEA Inc is developing series of inter-related marine conservation applied learning activities that, along with RECON would include  Coral Restoration, Seagrass Restoration, REEF Fish ID and Artificial Reef Assessment.  For more information click the photo

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SEA Inc. also provides funding support for school programs that provide real world learning opportunities.  Foremost among those school programs is the Coral Shores High School Marine Studies Program.
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